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Each and every one of us at Solvina is a true innovator, driven by the belief that groundbreaking solutions occur only once you have found the problem. So we use our broad competencies within different areas of science, together with our unique talents, to first identify and then view the problem from multiple perspectives. This leads us to achieve extraordinary insights that inspire new and different ideas for sustainable solutions. As high-performing engineers we are passionate about finding the important problems in our customers’ business.  We challenge the ordinary, and ask questions about standard practices. By doing so, we keep pushing the frontiers within the power and process industries forward.

Now we’re looking for talent who are just as enthusiastic about looking for problems as an approach to innovation. If you believe you have the spirit of an innovator, then come and be part of the team at Solvina.

If you do not find a vacant position that suits you, you are welcome to register your CV by applying on-line here and indicate ”Open Application”.

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