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Simulation of Power Systems

Simpow® is a highly integrated software for simulation of power systems. It covers a wide field of network applications focusing mainly on dynamic simulation in time domain and analysis in frequency domain. Simpow features built-in programming language enabling users to tailor their own models and methods in great detail, used at the development stage and in detailed studies. The unique simulation and analysis features ensure an efficient planning, upgrading and utilisation of electrical power networks for power production, transmission and distribution, steel industries, paper mills, chemical industries and oil production industries.


Basic Functions of Simpow

  • Load flow calculation
  • Short circuit calculation
  • Synchronous stability
  • Transient stability
  • Voltage stability
  • Load shedding
  • Load fluctuations
  • Prime mover torque irregularities
  • Machine dynamics
  • Sub synchronous resonance
  • Resonance frequency analysis by means of Eigenvalues
  • Eigenvectors
  • Sensitivity of Eigenvalues
  • Frequency scanning
  • Parameter scanning and modal analysis
  • Harmonics Analysis (injection, distribution and summation of harmonics)
  • Simpow Dips
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